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ShareFire is a full-featured news aggregator that lets you share stories via Twitter, Facebook, email and more without having to use copy&paste or drag&drop.

It offers compatibility with Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Windows Live, Digg, MySpace, Google Bookmarks and even IM networks and e-mail -Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

If we leave apart the high quality interface given by the Adobe Air technology and we only attend to the features as news aggregator, ShareFire offers the basic functions of this kind of program: individual source reading, multi selection, feed groups, direct view in the website, news search and OPML source import/export..

Of course, we have to stand out the main feature of ShareFire that makes possible to share the new you like from the interface without having to use any command, just one click and you'll be sharing those news in Facebook, Twitter and more.

Finally, it also offer new features such as intelligent group creation, groups by author and a fullscreen mode.

It requires Adobe AIR

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